Our community of farm girls is the core of this place. Whether you were at Hameau for one year or ten, you are part of the fabric forever.

Featured Alumna

Katie Johantgen

Farm girl since 2005

2 years as a camper, 5 years on staff


Katie is currently living and working as a professional actress in NYC, with an impressive resume of Off-Broadway productions and stand-up comedy shows.

"Whenever people ask me about "Farm Camp" my face lights up. As a camper, then a C.I.T., then a counselor, Hameau was an oasis from the intensity of the plugged-in day to day. It's a place where I learned to feel empowered as a woman, and how to empower other women. Where I gained an understanding of respect and responsibility for nature and all its inhabitants, and where I gained a sense of independence, and learned to hold up and celebrate what makes me unique. And, of course, it's a place where I made friendships and memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.


I credit the empowered, fearless, animal-loving woman I am today to my time on the farm. There's no place like Hameau." - Katie



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"My experience at Hameau taught me so many important life lessons, which I still draw from as a young adult. The camp showed me how to become more independent, taught me to work hard and follow through with tasks, and from the community-oriented atmosphere, made me more confident in myself and my abilities." - Olivia Hort, Farm girl since 2006


Simsbury, CT

2006 -2010 Camper

2011 - 2012 CIT

2013 - 2017 Staff


Arlington, VA

2007 -2012 Camper

2013 - 2014 CIT

2015 - 2017 Staff






New York, NY

2004 -2006 Camper

2007 - 2008 CIT

2009 - 2022 Staff


Baltimore, MD

2007 -2012 Camper

2013 - 2014 CIT

2015 - 2019 Staff






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Hayden Kiessling

Farm girl since 2000

4 years as a camper, 5 years on staff


As the Head of Production at a major

film company in Los Angeles, Hayden produces content for Netflix and other media outlets.





"I spent every summer at Hameau Farm from the time I was ten to the time I was eighteen years old. I attribute so much of who I am today to my months spent in Belleville every year. The fact that Hameau is all girls fostered an environment in which we felt totally free to be goofy, try new things, and be totally ourselves. I truly believe there was nothing like waking up and pushing cow manure around with a shovel to humble my preteen angst and self involvement. There were no cell phones, no laptops, no electricity in the cabins. Hameau was a happy retreat away from the pressures of school and family and real life, one that provided some of my most cherished and joyful memories, not even just of my childhood, but my entire life, and I’m now 28 years old.


My summers on the farm not only taught me how to milk a goat and collect an egg from a laying hen, they taught me how to be the kind, compassionate, and fun-loving woman that I like to think I am today." - Hayden

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If you're a farm girl who has lost touch, please reach out, we'd love to hear from you!

"The experience will mooo-ve you!>

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