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   Hameau Farm
      6364 SR 655
      Belleville, PA 17004
      Phone: (717) 667-3731

Camp Staff

"Strong women—precious jewels all—their humaness
is evident in their accessibility.”
— Maya Angelou

Individual attention and safety are paramount at Hameau Farm. Counselors are mature, 21+, and come with a broad range of life experiences— a British school teacher, a German journalist, an English shepherdess, a Danish pig farmer’s daughter, a Scottish real estate agent, a Kazakh student to mention a few. Yes, the international influence is important here at the farm. A Hameau Farm camper quickly recognizes how universal, yet unique, are agricultural customs and routines.

Words of encouragement, of reassurance and a steady hand when needed are doled out daily by the fun-loving handpicked staff. Owner/Director Audrey Gay Rodgers, eclectic herself in interests and talents, looks for a blend of strengths and personalities as she builds her staff each year. The ‘wild dog’ (quick, energetic, unruly) learns to work with the ‘sheep’ (follower, group-loving) and ‘cow’ (slow-moving) personalities throughout a summer session on the farm.

A 4:1, campers to staff, ratio allows for a safe, interactive and explorative environment. The positive mentoring that just happens is a benefit for all, from director to the youngest camper.

“The laughter of a happy child is the most beautiful sound. The
crying of a sad child is what you’ll never hear at Hameau Farm.”
— Jeanine, Germany, ’04 & ‘06

“The last three months has changed me in a more positive way…
I am proud to have been a part of all of this.”
— Claire, England, ‘07

“Whenever I go past a cow pasture I get so excited and wish I was back at Hameau.”
—Katie, USA, ’02 & ‘03

Sun sets on fun-loving staff. We are ready to welcome your daughter. Even staff overcome their fears. Mutual admiration of counselor and hen. Staff gather ‘round the tractor’. All join in song during evening activities. Leaders with humor and hidden dancing talents. Bringing the calf to the barn. All pitch in to help. Silly staff. Theme of the day—Pirates!