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   Hameau Farm
      6364 SR 655
      Belleville, PA 17004
      Phone: (717) 667-3731

Farm Show

The culmination of each two-week session is our very own Farm Show. Parents, of course, are invited. It is the opportunity for each camper to showcase an animal that she has gotten to know over the last two weeks. Each camper has chosen an animal and has brushed, fed, changed bedding and halter-trained this animal during her time at Hameau Farm in the Big Valley. 

Parents prepare for an activity like no other. There will be indescribably cute moments, displays of sheer determination, and some laughs as you watch each budding farmer present themselves and their animals.

An encouraging word helps to baby calf take that step for the youngest camper. Waiting in the shadows for the Goat class during our Farm Show. An encouraging word before the sheep class. Look at my cute Ayrshire heifer. Determination is key when showing this Highland heifer. Lining up the Jacob sheep during the Farm Show. There is more than one way to move a pig. Baby goats are in classes of the show and play an important role in our farm program. Squaring up the feet is an important part of showmanship. Practicing for our very own Farm Show.