Seeking Staff

We are looking for 6 female leaders to make our

25th Anniversary at Hameau Farm the most unforgettable summer yet!

Seeking: Summer Camp Staff, Animal Lovers Who Enjoy Working With Kids


Location: Belleville, PA (central PA, a short drive from State College)

June 13-Aug 8 (8 weeks)

21+ Female

This is a paid position.


Requirements: Good with kids, responsible leader, animal lover, positive, fun!


Bonus points if you: love art or science, play an instrument, enjoy literature, dance, theatre, crafting, cooking or have farming experience!



Yes, we are running our summer program in 2021. Last April through May we worked tirelessly with an incredible team, including an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and a Pediatric Nurse, to decide whether it was safe and responsible to run our summer camp. We developed a 35-page COVID Protocol Document which prepared us for every eventuality, and allowed us to run our program. We successfully ran our 8-week summer program without one instance of COVID-19. Most importantly, in the midst of an uncertain and isolating year, we were able to offer young girls a summer respite where they got to learn, play and socialize with friends without masks or fear of a virus. Needless to say, we are very proud of that. We have every intention of running again in 2021, and with our experience from 2020, we are confident we can do so safely and responsibly regardless of what might be going on in the world.





Who are we?

We are a small dairy farm that doubles as a summer sleepaway camp for girls age 7-14 during the summer months. Our mission is to empower young women, increase confidence and celebrate uniqueness through hard work and fun. Summers on the farm include farm activities like working with animals and farm chores, as well as traditional camp experiences like bonfires, songs and arts & crafts. We are a small program, with a staff of 10-12 strong women looking after 30 campers. Check out our summer camp section for everything you could possibly want to know about our program. Also take a look at our Alumnae section for testimonials from previous staff members.


What you’d be doing:

We look to our staff to lead the fun, and provide a safe and exploratory environment for campers. This summer in particular we will need a solid staff to ensure everyone's safety while maintaining a fun and upbeat camp spirit. We are looking for responsible young leaders, comfortable running activities on their own and working closely with a co-counselor to look after 10 girls in a cabin. Counselors reside in bunks with the campers and are given generous time off.



• Look after 30 girls as part of a team of 7 staff members

• Work seamlessly with your co-counselors and CITs as a team to make it the best summer ever for these young ladies!

• Monitor campers closely for possible COVID-19 symptoms, and execute prevention, detection and response protocol calmly and efficiently

• Facilitate a fun and exploratory environment where campers are encouraged to ask questions and explore

• Monitor campers closely during off-farm excursions

• Generate a list of possible camp activities based on your skills and experiences (can be anything from an arts & crafts project, to cooking, improv class, science experiments, writing activity, athletics, puppetry)

• Create and run an activity daily

• Be silly and lighthearted, lead the fun!


The best part:

Aside from having an epic summer, working at Hameau is a tremendous opportunity for personal and career growth. As a member of staff you will be planning and leading activities on a daily basis, a tremendous resume builder. Additionally, you will learn about agriculture and dairy farming first-hand. You will also be working closely with the camp director, who might become a professional reference for future roles. Previous staff members have gone on to work as veterinarians, producers (one for Netflix), actors on Broadway, creative directors, teachers, and more. We’ve heard that in job interviews all the employer ever wants to talk about is your time working on a farm, it certainly helps you stand out!



Watch the video from last summer's staff training


Send us an email at, attach a resume if possible, and answer the following questions:


1. Tell us about yourself!


2. Do you have any experience in agriculture or working on a farm? (no worries if you do not, many of our staff members have never even been to a farm, but a love of animals is a requirement!)


3. Do you have any hobbies? We look to our staff to bring their passions into our program to share with the campers, what would you bring to the table?


4. If you had to pick one animal to work with closely, would it be a cow, goat, pig, or sheep?


5. What is your favorite color and why? (Just curious!)



We are on the edge of our seats waiting to hear from you!

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