Since 1996, Hameau has been a place of discovery,

fun and friendships for girls ages 7-14.

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We are a farm camp for girls ages 8-14. Farm camp? Yes, farm camp!


We have found that girls and animals mix fabulously. Spending summers on the farm

       gives young women countless opportunities to learn, play, and get messy; all while

           building confidence and a tremendous sense of self. The classic camp experience

               (friends, songs and bonfires) combined with animals and farm work, makes for a

                 fabulous summer and memories to last a lifetime.

To empower young women, increase confidence and celebrate uniqueness through hard work and fun.

About Us Our Mission
Farm Camp at Hameau

Experience the fun on the farm through photos and videos of summers past.


"[Hameau Farm is] one of the most special places on Earth, a safe place to grow."

- Isabella Jansen, NY

During each session the girls choose an animal and prepare for a 4H-style farm show, which takes place on the last day of camp.


Parents, come watch as your daughter shows the cow, goat, sheep or pig that she has been working with during her two weeks on the farm.

Bring your camera!

Farm Show

Fun on the farm can include arts & crafts, tennis, theatre, soccer, pasture research, hip hop dance, and possibly even painting cows...


Off-farm excursions include bowling, roller skating, swimming, an afternoon canoe trip, and weekly visits to the Amish market.


In the Spring of 2020 we worked tirelessly with an incredible team, including an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and a Pediatric Nurse, to decide whether it was safe and responsible to run our summer camp. We developed a 35-page COVID Protocol Document which prepared us for every eventuality, and allowed us to run our program. For  two summers we have successfully run our 8-week summer program without one instance of COVID-19. Most importantly, in the midst of an uncertain and isolating time, we have been able to offer young girls a summer respite where they got to learn, play and socialize with friends without masks or fear of a virus. Needless to say, we are very proud of that.


If you would like a copy of our Summer 2021 COVID-19 Protocols please email us.

"Hameau taught me to be unapologetically myself."

- Shannon Barry, NY

Audrey Gay Rodgers, "Gay," was born and raised in The Big Valley, where her family carries on a nine generation tradition in agriculture and local business. Gay combines her eclectic resume (teacher, choir instructor, political science major) with 30 years of camp experience to create a unique summer program. Her joyous spirit and earthly good sense are magnets to youngsters who learn from her and emulate her positive attitude. She is a natural leader of young people.

Meet The Director

“[Gay molds] many young girls like me, awkward and scared, into beautiful, strong, and independent women, just like [her].”

-AndriAna Moloney-Kitts, VA

"Hameau [is] a happy retreat away from the pressures of school and family and real life; one that provided some of [the] most cherished and joyful memories [of] my entire life" - Hayden Kiessling, NY


Our hand-picked counselors are 21+ and come from a broad range of experiences. With a 4:1 camper-staff ratio, each young farmer gets individual attention. Counselors attend daily staff meetings with the director to ensure constant communication and watchfulness.


We're proud that many counselors are farm camp alumnae who have chosen to return to Hameau to help other youngsters make farm memories of their own (for more about these young women,

see the                      page).



We always looking for strong leaders to join our staff, if you are interested or know a conscientious and inspiring young woman,

please click here.


Every session, campers spend an afternoon

canoeing down the Juniata River. Paddles flashing,

it's a fun and exciting adventure and a perfect

opportunity for teamwork in action!

Canoe Hameau

Who do farm girls grow up to be?

Read about some of our amazing alumnae and their experiences on the farm.

(For you farm girls, here's a chance for

 a little nostalgia).

"The experience will mooo-ve you!>

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