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 Cabins Evoking the sense of times past, the three rustic cabins—Delaware, Mingo and Shawnee, are home to giggles, night-time stories, slamming doors and budding friendships. Designed without electricity, flashlights are key — and pack an extra set of batteries if staying for more than one session! Camp bathrooms are just a short walk down the path and have all the amenities of home.
 The Gardens Two vegetable gardens provide all kinds of delicious produce which is used to cook meals- it doesn't get any fresher than this!
 Kine Kitchen Just past the barn lies the dining hall where campers gather three times per day to fill their bellies. Have a seat at one of the three tables, lovingly known as "Flying Cow," "Spotted Chicken," and "Sleeping Pig." This is also the place for culinary activities such as cheese making and baking.
 Arts & Crafts The heifer barn doubles as a creative hub in the form of an arts & crafts studio.
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